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11 Oct, 2010
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Labour Standard


The Global Compact's labour principles are derived from the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998):

  • Principle 3: Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;
  • Principle 4: the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;
  • Principle 5: the effective abolition of child labour; and
  • Principle 6: the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

For more information about the labour principles, including what companies can do to implement them, visit this website's section on the ten principles, specifically the pages on principles 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Global Compact Labour Working Group

In May 2008, a Global Compact Labour Working Group was established under the auspices of the Global Compact Board. It is jointly chaired by Antonio Penalosa of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and Guy Ryder of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

ILO Helpdesk

The ILO Helpdesk is a service from the International Labour Office that provides a one-stop-shop to help company managers and workers understand the application of international labour standards. Replies are prepared by a multi-disciplinary team, ensuring that users receive a comprehensive response. To submit a question to the Helpdesk, send an email to assistance@ilo.org.


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